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We live in a cynical society, but Extraordinary Church just happens to be one of those churches that are able to break through the clutter of modern life and teach this simple truth: Jesus loves YOU. And we have fun doing it.

Our church usually attracts people who have never really been church goers
and people who have said explicitly or thought to themselves that they would never do church again.

We started about 5 years ago as a small group, but the small group kept growing. So, here we are still Serving, Loving, and Leading.

Our Team

D'Andre Ash
Lead Pastor
Pastor D'Andre is a proud native Atlantan. He earned an undergraduate degree from Mercer University and a graduate degree in Practical Theology from Columbia Theological Seminary. In the fall of 2016, he established Ash Academy Christian Preparatory School for Young Men. Ash Academy is dedicated to eradicating the epedimic of undeveloped potential in minority male students. He is a prolific speaker, particularly in the areas of leadership, purpose, personal growth and relationships. He and his beautiful wife, Sheree have been married for 5 years.
Sheree Ash
Ministry Leader
Reggie Peoples
Ministry Leader
Julius Davis
Andre Murphy
Production Manager
Lisa Murphy
Marriage Ministry Coordinator
Angela Wilkes
Community Outreach Liaison

Our Strategy

We believe that you are capable of and called to #DoSomethingGreat. How do you get there? We believe Jesus had it right. He said (paraphrase): If you want to be great, start serving. That’s right. You grow by serving others.

We encourage our hosts (members) to serve by volunteering at Sunday Services or for some the many community development projects we do.
Our small groups are vital part of our church because they are vital to your spiritual growth. We have small groups that meet in several locations around metro Atlanta. Find a small group by contacting us.
As we said, you are capable of, and called to #DoSomethingGreat. The greatest thing you can do is to lead someone to Christ. We’ll give you the tools to do that.

We also believe that God gave you spiritual and natural gifts that if used correctly could bring you the satisfaction and fulfillment. We want to help you live a purposeful life and leave a legacy for generations to come. We jump start your dreams with Quarterly Leadership Gatherings that cover:

  • Business Development
  • Marriage and Family
  • Parenting
  • Financial Planning
  • Health and Wellness

Sunday Gatherings

What are they like?

“Refreshing.” “Inspiring.” “Loving.”

These are just a few words that guests have used to describe our Sunday morning worship experience. Our service is about an hour long. You’ll see people dressed in casual attire, weekend wear, or their Sunday best. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

The music is a dynamic fusion of contemporary Christian and urban gospel. Extraordinary Church has it’s own unique sound.

The messages are communicated with passion, intelligence, humor and a solid theological base.


Times & Directions


Sunday Morning @ 11am
Children’s Check-In @10:45am

1879 Smyrna Rd, Conyers, GA 30094 


Summer Camp

 Extraordinary Kids

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Small Groups


This is where real connections are made. Life is much more enjoyable when you have caring people to share it with. Our small groups have solid small group curriculum, but the the richness comes from the relationships that are formed. You’ll find help through life’s tough times, and you may be surprised by how much you’ll be able to help others with your life story.


Join the Launch Team

Our launch team has three functions. They are to PRAY, INVITE, and GIVE. If you have an Entreprenurial spirit, this team is for you. The launch team’s goals are to lead the efforts in reaching the launch budget and the attendance goals.

Become a Host

We hope that when the time is right, you’ll become a host. Being a host means that you commit to supporting our mission by serving and giving. It means that you intentionally change your vantage point. You began to see everyone who walks through the doors as a guest and you serve as their host.


Watch & Listen

Intentional Series Part 3


When you give, give as though you are giving to Christ. Because you are.

Ash Academy

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