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Atlanta GA 30303








 Sundays @11am 1879 Smyrna Rd. Conyers, GA 30094






 Jan. 2020 





XC Microchurch Hub

XC Microchurch Hub

A microchurch a small group of people coming together to make a specific impact on their community or network. Usually 2-30 people.

A hub is where we meet, learn and engage in community. Hubs to have ongoing trainings for spiritual and personal development so well as missional support.

Our initial goal is 3 hubs- Atl, Conyers (which we are transitioning from traditional church to a hub) and Asheville 2020.

Our goal is 100 microchurches by Jan 2021.

Interested in starting a microchurch?

*This is a Jesus commitment, not to our organization.

*Signup for training. Click “contact us” on the menu bar.

*Micro churches commit to support the hub and training for other microchurches.