We believe that you are capable of and called to #DoSomethingGreat. How do you get there? We believe Jesus had it right. He said (paraphrase): If you want to be great, start serving. That’s right. You grow by serving others.

We encourage our hosts (members) to serve by volunteering at Sunday Services or for some the many community development projects we do.
Our small groups are vital part of our church because they are vital to your spiritual growth. We have small groups that meet in several locations around metro Atlanta. Find a small group by contacting us.
As we said, you are capable of, and called to #DoSomethingGreat. The greatest thing you can do is to lead someone to Christ. We’ll give you the tools to do that.

We also believe that God gave you spiritual and natural gifts that if used correctly could bring you the satisfaction and fulfillment. We want to help you live a purposeful life and leave a legacy for generations to come. We jump start your dreams with Quarterly Leadership Gatherings that cover:

  • Business Development
  • Marriage and Family
  • Parenting
  • Financial Planning
  • Health and Wellness